Nehoiden 9 hole layout

Nehoiden Golf Course is a private, 9 hole course, owned and operated by Wellesley College. The course is one of the oldest college courses in the country, with its origin dating back to 1893. 

Nehoiden is a walking course. Motorized carts are not allowed. The course is open dawn to dusk, mid-April through late fall, weather permitting. It is closed Monday until noon for maintenance. (Monday holidays being the exception.)  Tee times are required.


Nehoiden was re-rated by MassGolf in 2017, and has a four tee system.  Members and guests are encouraged to play the tees that best correspond to their ability and interest. 

Nehoiden scorecard

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Course Tour

Course Tour

Hole one Flag looking back toward tee box.

Hole 1 - Par 5

Blue: 451 | White: 438 | Green: 401 | Yellow: 336

On this hole, a large Oak on the left resides near Fuller Brook, which crosses the hole, and intimidates some to favor the right side of the fairway. The long uphill second shot awaits to a narrowed approach with a bunker on the right to a small green hidden in view from the golfers below.

A great view from this tee is the Galen Stone Tower on Wellesley Campus that rises 182 feet from the ground behind the hole.

Hole 2

Hole 2 - Par 4

Blue: 374 | White: 356 | Green: 316 | Yellow: 232  

Off the tee, a small maple tree sits in the center near the beginning of fairway, a row of pines on right abuts the 3rd hole. A good drive down the middle is essential on this slight dog leg left as you approach the green on the other side of Fuller Brook.

Even a good chip shot is hard to stop, as the green slopes downward towards the brook, with bunkers directly behind and on left. A birdie on this hole is truly prized.

Hole 3

Hole 3 - Par 4

Blue: 313 | White: 297 | Green: 250 | Yellow: 250

While the 3rd is probably the simplest par-4 on the course, large pines accent each side of the fairway, to a small green surrounded by bunkers, and just a few feet beyond the green is out-of-bounds onto Service Dr.

The Waban Aqueduct resides directly behind the tee, where walkers and runners get a glimpse of Nehoiden Golf Club.


Hole 4 - Par 3 

Blue: 200 | White: 191 | Green: 140 | Yellow: 127

This long par-3 requires a straight shot off the tee, as there is trouble all along the right with a row of pines that routinely knock balls down. Four bunkers surround the green and golfers must be careful not to overshoot the green as a long downhill slope will roll the ball into deep rough.

Hole 5

Hole 5 - Par 4 

Blue: 366 | White: 349 | Green: 302 | Yellow: 288

Most golfers favor the right side of the fairway on this hole, but be careful of the pines that frame most of the right side of hole. The elevated green is the largest green on course, but don’t be mistaken by its largeness, as a large Oak hugs the left greenside bunker, and a steep upward approach could send your ball back down the hill onto Service Drive.

Hole 6 - Par 4

Blue: 369 | White: 355 | Green: 350 | Yellow: 315

Nehoiden’s signature hole. The fairway is quite generous, although out-of-bounds stakes on the left. But soon lies the holes most obvious challenge, namely, the blind approach to the smallest green on course. Although no bunkers surround the green, Route 16 resides no more than 5 yards directly behind the green, a safe chip shot may grant you a nice roll onto the green.

Hole 7

Hole 7 - Par 4

Blue: 309 | White: 297 | Green: 272 | Yellow: 272

A deceptive hole, its wide straight fairway invites the thoughts of an easy par, with not much relief on either side of fairway. On the right stands a couple fairway bunkers and deep rough, while the left a field of natural grass with a large number of trees which soon meets with neighboring properties on Dover Road. A large bunker surrounds the rear of the green, as well as bunkers on the left and right, to a green with subtle curves and undulations that can be easily misread.

Hole 8

Hole 8 - Par 3

Blue: 148 | White: 140 | Green: 130 | Yellow: 100

The shortest of Nehoiden’s holes, the elevated tee will give golfers a good view of the obstacles that surround this green. Golfers must hit a shot long enough to clear the bunker in front, and straight enough to avoid the bunker on right while avoiding the tree and bunker combination on left. The green slopes downward from back to front with different curves and undulations. . Nonetheless, the 8th is where most of Nehoiden’s holes-in-one do occur.

Hole 9 - Par 5

Blue: 531 | White: 508 | Green: 464 | Yellow: 422

A classic Wayne Stiles hole, with an up thrust green and false front. This long par-5, framed beside Dover Road on left, with Fuller Brook separating both fairways, is easily ranked one of the top handicapped holes on course.

Practice Facility

Driving Range

Nehoiden offers a practice range of approximately 165 yards and offers seven hitting stations. Hitting longer irons and woods that will travel beyond 165 yards is not permitted. The range is located between the 1st and 2nd fairways, with vehicle access from Service Drive. The range machine operates on a token system, with each token dispensing approximately 25-30 range balls. Tokens are available from the starters at the first tee or the golf office and cost $40 for ten tokens. 

The practice green by the 6th fairway is now CLOSED for the season.

Hours are seasonal and fall in line with the course regular operating hours. Check the Course Calendar for closures during regular operating hours due to the Nehoiden Golf Academy and clinics, as well as the RANGE CLOSED sign in the Practice Range parking lot. Access to the Practice Facilities are for members only.

Local Rules Governing Course Play

  1. USGA Rules will govern all play, except as modified by Local Rules.
  2. Proper golf etiquette and attire must be observed at all times. Players must be courteous to all Nehoiden staff and other players on the course. Those who fail to comply may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion of member privileges. Please alert a staff member or email if you wish to report an incident to the Operations Team.  
  3. Nehoiden GC is a private club for paid members and their guests who pay a daily greens fee, as well as for private instruction. The course is closed to the public - walking or loitering on course grounds is prohibited. 
  4. Pace of play is approximately 2 hours for 9 holes.  Please keep pace with the group in front of you. Allow faster players to play through. (Guidelines: finish Hole 3 approx 0:42 after teeing off; finish Hole 5 approx 1:05 after teeing off; finish Hole 6 approx 1:18 after teeing off)
  5. Players are responsible to see that all divots on fairways, ball marks on greens and footprints in bunkers are repaired and smoothed out during the course of play.
  6. Regular greens and fairways may not be used for practice. Playing more than one ball is prohibited.
  7. Pull carts and golf bags must be kept off of all greens and out of bunkers.
  8. Members are to observe and obey all notices posted indicating course conditions and areas under repair.
  9. The Superintendent, or a member of the Operations Team in their absence, will deem the course closed for play due to inclement conditions. Golfers must remain off the course during these times, including during posted frost delays.
  10. If there is inclement weather (ie. lightning, etc.), players should seek shelter or go to their cars in the parking lot until the storm clears. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  11. The golf course will be closed to all members on non-holiday Mondays until 12PM. The first tee/practice facilities may also be closed during normal operating hours for pre-determined events as indicated on the Course Calendar. 
  12. Holes 6 and 7 are closed for golf related programs.  Signs will be placed at the sixth tee indicating that players should continue to the 8th tee when programs are in session.
  13. Bluebird houses and other physical structures are immovable obstructions. Free relief for interference with stance, intended area of swing and line of flight.
  14. Free relief to the drop zone for balls that land on the green or fringe of the Practice Green or Nursery to the left of the 6th fairway.
  15. Free lift from plantings behind 6th green. Directly behind the green requires use of the drop area. Left and right of the green allow 1 club length from nearest point of relief no nearer the hole.
  16. Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the golf course.  
  17. The Nehoiden Operations Team and their staff have the sole responsibility of administering play on the course. They have the authority to issue warnings and eject players who fail to observe course rules or those governing slow play.

Guest Rates

9 Holes: $40 Mon - Thurs, $50 Fri - Sun & Holidays

18 Holes: $60 Mon - Thurs, $70 Fri - Sun & Holidays

Please visit the Guest Policy section of the website for more comprehensive information related to guests at Nehoiden. Please note that cancellations can be made up to your tee time.  No shows will be charged in full to the Member Account. Cancellations by the club due to frost delays, inclement weather, etc. will not be charged to the Member Account.      

Alumnae Guests

Alumnae of Wellesley College may purchase a daily greens fee for up to 10 rounds of golf per year for themselves, their spouse, and guests. Alumnae can now visit the first tee directly to pay for daily fees with a credit card, once set up in Chronogolf. Alumnae or their spouse must accompany any guests while on the course. Alumnae may bring up to 3 guests on the course at a time.  Please contact Susan Chapski at to have your Chronogolf account set up before arriving to the course.  Once your account is established you will be able to make your own tee times.  Please be sure to consult the Course Calendar before making your tee time to make sure the course is available.

Course Calendar

Please visit the Course Calendar to view the course schedule, or view the thumbnail version below. You can toggle through the Week, Month, or Agenda (List) view by selecting an option in the top right corner of the calendar. For a more comprehensive guide, including how to access the calendar on your smartphone, see our Nehoiden GC Golf Calendar Guide