Membership Overview

Nehoiden Golf Club is a private 9-hole club.  We welcome members residing in the Town of Wellesley, Wellesley College Alumnae, and qualified employees of the Town and Wellesley College. Spouses or Partners in certain categories are also eligible for Membership. In addition, Wellesley College Alumnae may purchase daily greens fees up to 10 times per season for those visiting from out of town. 

Membership Policy

Individuals from the following groups are eligible for membership:

Full (Wellesley Resident) - Full Members in this category must be a permanent resident in the Town of Wellesley Massachusetts. Spouses/Domestic Partners who live in the same household are also eligible for this Membership Tier. Membership in this category is currently closed, and there is a waitlist for new members. Once a Full Wellesley Resident Member has been part of Nehoiden Golf Club for ten (10) consecutive seasons, they have the right to retain their Full Membership upon leaving the Town of Wellesley if they keep their active Membership in good standing.    

Full (Wellesley College Alumna) - Full Members in this category are graduates of Wellesley College. Wellesley College Alumna are eligible to bypass Nehoiden GC’s Wait List Policy and are subject to Nehoiden GC’s Initiation Fee. Spouses/Domestic Partners are also eligible for this Membership Tier.

Town of Wellesley Employee - Members are benefits-eligible Town of Wellesley employees. Town of Wellesley Employees are eligible to bypass Nehoiden GC’s Wait List Policy.   

Wellesley College Employee - Members are current employees of Wellesley College. Memberships are available for eligible dependent children (up to age 23) living at home. Wellesley College Employees are eligible to bypass Nehoiden GC’s Wait List Policy. Spouses/Domestic Partners are also eligible for this Membership Tier.

Child Limited - Members age 10 - 22 who have at least one parent who is a current Nehoiden GC Member. Child Limited Membership are not eligible for play on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays before 11:30AM. Child Limited Members under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or other adult Member of Nehoiden GC. Child Limited Members age 10-16 may be subject to Member Certification at the beginning of the season. Child Limited Members are eligible to forego Nehoiden GC’s Wait List Policy. Child Limited Members are eligible for Full Wellesley Resident Membership at the age of 23 if they are Wellesley Residents and pay the Full Wellesley Resident Initiation Fee.     

Student - Members are Wellesley Residents with no parental affiliation to Nehoiden Golf Club. A valid High School or Undergraduate College ID is required for this Membership level. Student Members are eligible to forego Nehoiden GC’s Wait List Policy. Student Members are eligible for Full Wellesley Resident Membership upon the completion of school if they are Wellesley Residents and pay the Full Wellesley Resident Initiation Fee.

Wellesley College Student - Current full-time, matriculated students at Wellesley College can use the course free of charge. Please bring your student identification card to the first tee to confirm your status with the starter. 

Please see our Nehoiden Golf Club Membership Tiers page for complete details. 

Member Payment

For annual membership dues or monthly bill payments, there are two methods of payment.

Credit Card Payments  

Members can set up credit card automatic monthly payments using your Member Dashboard accessed through the Chronogolf homepage.  Members can also view existing balances through the dashboard.  For more information on how to access and navigate the Member Dashboard, please view the Nehoiden Member Dashboard Tutorial Sheet.

Members with an existing 2018 balance should contact the golf office directly at, or call 781-283-3398 during normal golf office hours. Please check the Nehoiden calendar on this website for more detail.

Check Payments

Checks should be made payable to Nehoiden Golf Club and mailed to:

Nehoiden Golf Club
c/o Susan Chapski
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

Members can set up automatic monthly payments from your bank through your Member Dashboard by contacting the Nehoiden Golf Office at  Members can also view existing balances through the dashboard.  For more information on how to access and navigate the Member Dashboard, please view the Nehoiden Member Dashboard Tutorial Sheet.

Wait List

Membership at Nehoiden is currently closed for the Full Member (Wellesley Resident) tier.  The wait list was created to give residents the opportunity to be informed once memberships become available as current Members decline renewal offers in the offseason.  As these positions open up, names are selected chronologically from the waitlist to fill the available slots. The current wait for Membership from the wait list is several years, but is subject to change. 

If you are applying as a Full Member (Wellesley Resident), please note that only residential addresses will be accepted for membership.  Business addresses cannot be used to determine eligibility. All memberships are for individuals only, though there are opportunities for additional family members to join once an individual in the household becomes a member. Please put each household name onto the wait list individually. Full Members will be required to pay an Initiation Fee before their first year of membership.

To be considered for the wait list, submit your contact information to Nehoiden Golf Club via the Nehoiden Golf Club Waitlist Form. Contact information should include your name, home address, phone number and email address. Please DO NOT submit your contact information multiple times. Soon after you submit your form, you will receive an email from our golf management system Chronogolf asking you to activate your account. This email confirms that you have been placed in our wait list database in the order that your form was submitted, and may come days or weeks after you submit your waitlist form. You can activate your account if you choose, or wait until you get the invitation for Full Membership to Nehoiden.  

Once you are eligible for Membership, you will receive more detailed information from Nehoiden Golf Club, including a preliminary membership application. You will be asked to submit your application and the associated dues and fees at that time for full access to Nehoiden Golf Club, as well as the opportunity to participate in Member events, travel opportunities, clinics, and other related activities.   


Leave of Absence

Any member in good standing may request from the Club a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA). The request for a MLOA must be made in writing to the Nehoiden Golf Club at Wellesley College Operations Team at Inquiries related to MLOA can be made to Susan Chapski during regular Golf Office business hours, or by calling 781-283-3398. Please note the terms of the Nehoiden Golf Club Medical Leave of Absence Policy before submitting your request.

Guest Policy

Guests of Members

Members may bring up to 3 guests on the course at a time. Members must stay with their guest while on the course.

Daily Greens Fees

9 Holes: $30 Mon - Thurs, $40 Fri - Sun & Holidays

18 Holes: $45 Mon - Thurs, $55 Fri - Sun & Holidays

Alumnae Guests

Alumnae of Wellesley College may purchase a daily greens fee for up to 10 rounds of golf per year for themselves, their spouse, and guests. Alumnae can now visit the first tee directly to pay for daily fees with a credit card. Alumnae or their spouse must accompany any guests while on the course. Alumnae may bring up to 3 guests on the course at a time. 


Post a Score

Current GHIN handicap holders may post their scores online on the GHIN website.


Men's Group

The Men's Group is organized to make golf at Nehoiden more fun for all members. Our informal early morning weekend group play is a great way to meet and play with golfers of all ages and abilities. We also run eleven tournaments throughout the summer that are fun and challenging for golfers of all abilities.

To join the Men’s Group, please fill out this Membership Form. For more information, contact Fred Shultz at You can also visit the NGC Men's Group website for the latest on events, the complete list of 2019 Club Tournaments, and more.



Women's Group

PLEASE JOIN US! We are a friendly and fun group of Nehoiden ladies (of all different abilities) who play in a casual format on Tuesday mornings and alternating Wednesday afternoons. We also run special events like our “Field Day” scramble, “Exchange Days” with play and lunch at local country clubs, “Member Mixer” team play matches, a fun “Solheim Cup” type event, and much, much, more! We’d love you to join us! 

For more information or to join, please fill out the Nehoiden Women's Golf Association Membership Form. You can also view the 2019 NWGA Informational Flyer. Our NWGA Member Handbook contains even more comprehensive information related to the group. Or print the Membership Application and mail in. You can also visit the NWGA website for the latest on 2019 events and happenings.

Please contact either Robbin Bell at or Mary Hayes at with any additional questions you may have.